Catalog 2021-2022

Business Information Technology

Faculty: Professor Alhourani, Chair; Professors Jenzarli, Papp, Shirley, Veltri; Associate Professors Jain, Yayla; Assistant Professors Al-Abdullah, De Leoz, Farkas, Kam, Keshanian, Kim, Oruongo, Shang, Zhang, Zhong; Professors of Instruction I Bucaille, Professor of Instruction II Nisar; Lecturer I Ghannadian

Information technology (IT) plays a key role in today's global competitive business environment. Businesses rely on technology to streamline processes, generate efficiency, and fuel innovation. A degree in business information technology provides students with a diverse set of business and technology skills that are necessary to succeed in the 21st-century global business environment. Students develop an understanding of how emerging technologies can be exploited to improve business efficiency and provide new business opportunities that can benefit the performance of a company and achieve its business goals. Students focus on studying web and mobile technologies and their application for businesses, create and manage databases based on business requirements, and utilize several technology solutions that support business strategies and objectives.

The program aims at providing students with a diverse set of business and technology skills from the user side other than from the designer or the developer side. The program also features an experiential learning approach, where students use contemporary software though the University’s membership in several academic alliances such as SAP, the world leader in enterprise systems, and Microsoft Corp., and participate in real-world projects analyzing the technology needs for businesses to improve performance. Students have the option to earn additional certifications from SAP and other corporations