Catalog 2021-2022

Professional Selling Minor

The Minor in Professional Selling is designed for students who want to further develop their current sales skills and competencies. The program combines theory and practical applications where students learn about sales best-practice, and then apply those concepts in simulated and real world business situations. Students will gain the ability to clearly articulate business-to-business sales solutions, build relationships, and meet consumer needs. This curriculum includes the foundation of marketing along with refining more enhanced interpersonal skills, understanding the tactics of cultivating and managing accounts, and learning to thrive in a competitive environment. Coordinated with the Institute for Sales Excellence under Sykes College of Business, sales minors will be eligible to receive a sales certification via the University Sales Center Alliance (USCA).

Degree Requirements

Requirements for a minor in professional selling

Students wanting a minor in Professional Selling must complete all requirements in the minor. All business majors must complete at least 12 additional hours beyond major requirements.
SPE 208Speech for Business and the Professions


MKT 300Principles of Marketing


MKT 354Buyer Behavior


MKT 371Professional Selling and Sales Management


MKT 418Advanced Professional Selling


MKT 490Marketing Internship


Total Credit Hours:21-28

Total Credit Hours: 21-28