Community Affairs

The community affairs area of study focuses on the social disciplines as a complement to another area of study for students seeking a well-blended interdisciplinary program with a local community affairs component. To meet the requirements for the community affairs area of study, students must satisfactorily complete:

Degree Requirements

As part of the General Curriculum Distribution requirements (hours count to fulfill the GCDR but not the specialization):

SOC 100Introduction to Sociology


At least 43 credit hours, including:

GWA 100Introduction to Government and World Affairs


GWA 200American Government


GWA 203Political Parties and Interest Groups


GWA 308Urban Politics and Policy


8 credit hours of America history

Electives must be earned in one or more of the following: government and world affairs (GWA), history (HIS), sociology (SOC), urban studies (UST), women’s studies (WST), philosophy (PHL).