Public Information

The public information specialization is designed for the student who works in or wants to work as a communication specialist, most likely for a public or nonprofit agency, and who desires to combine select courses from a variety of related disciplines into a cohesive degree. To meet the requirements for the public information specialization, students must satisfactorily complete 86 credit hours, including:

Degree Requirements

A minimum of 46 credit hours in the specialization, consisting of:

COM 224Mass Media and Society


COM 225Media Writing


COM 232Visual Literacy


COM 384Writing for Public Relations


THR 204Acting I for Non-Majors


At least 15 credit hours in English (ENG), literature (LIT) and/or writing (WRI) courses.

THR 204: or an equivalent or higher theatre performance course

At least one of the following courses:

GWA 203Political Parties and Interest Groups


GWA 326Political Campaigns and Electoral Politics


GWA 426Public Opinion, the Media and Power


At least 8 credit hours in art (ART) or other communication (COM) courses

Studio/performance courses are accepted.

At least 15 of the above credit hours must be earned at the University.

At least 16 of the above credit hours must be earned in courses at the 300-level or higher.

Electives of the student's choosing must be in ART, COM, ENG, LIT, WRI, any language course, SOC, HIS, and/or GWA.