Catalog 2014-2015

Types of Honors Courses

  1. A two-semester Pathways to Honors experience is required of all incoming first-year Honors students.
  2. Special Honors courses open only to Honors students count as part of the student’s Baccalaureate Experience requirements. These limited-enrollment courses are separate from the regular curriculum offerings and are designated “Honors Courses” in the class schedule.

    Honors courses are designed to explore one of the following themes: changing mindsets through the revolution of thought, through the clash of conflict, through the roots and contexts of ideas and through new cutting-edge academics.

  3. Honors enrichment tutorials for juniors and seniors are regular 300- or 400-level classes, usually in the student’s major, that become tutorials through an agreement with the professor. In addition to regular class attendance, each student meets on a weekly or bi-weekly basis in the professor’s office to discuss the enriched learning component one on one.
  4. Each Honors student is offered the opportunity to create an Honors Independent Study course, which may serve as preparation for an Honors Senior Thesis or which may augment an Honors Undergraduate Research Fellowship.
  5. Honors students may receive credit for Oxford University semesters, Honors Abroad and Washington internships and seminars.
  6. Honors courses and tutorials must be taken for a grade and cannot be taken pass/fail, with the exception of internships.