Catalog 2021-2022

Department of Music

Faculty: Associate Professor Blackburn, Chair; Professor Zamparas, Associate Professors Hebert, Jung; Assistant Professors Heminger, McDannald


The University of Tampa is an accredited institutional member of the National Association of Schools of Music.


The mission of the Department of Music is as follows:

  1. To prepare music majors for professional careers or graduate study in music.
  2. To provide non-music-major students with deeper understanding of music, and opportunities for participation.
  3. To provide music training for those students who need musical knowledge, skills and understanding in their chosen fields.
  4. To enrich the academic and cultural life of the University community and the Baccalaureate Experience.
  5. To serve the greater community through public performance, educational outreach and scholarly creativity.
  6. To provide opportunities for professionals in the field to return to school to refresh and sharpen their skills, to update their credentials and to take advantage of workshops for themselves and their students.

Degrees Offered

  • Bachelor of Music in Music Education
    • Instrumentalist track
    • Vocalist track
  • Bachelor of Music in Performance
    • Instrumentalist track
    • Vocalist track
  • Bachelor of Arts in Music
    • Technologist track
    • Instrumentalist track
    • Vocalist track
  • Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, offered collaboratively with the Department of Speech, Theatre and Dance.

The Department of Music also participates in the Bachelor of Fine Arts in New Media degree program, offered by the Department of Film, Animation and New Media.