Catalog 2021-2022

Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance


Associate Professor O'Sullivan, Chair; Professors Vlahov, Sturgill, Wortham; Associate Professors Andersen, Martinasek, Miller, Olsen, Tamulevicius, Zontek; Assistant Professors Aguado-Loi, de Souza, Morris K., Walters; Assistant Teaching Professors Houston, Morris M.; Lecturer I Borgeas, McKnabb; Lecturer II Mescia; Clinical Professor of Athletic Training and Medical Director Gasser, Clinical Associate Professor of Athletic Training Sellman. 

Students pursuing majors within the Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance are preparing for careers in teaching, human performance, allied health, athletic training, public health and related fields. The department offers majors in allied health, athletic training, human performance, physical education and public health. Students may incur, but is not limited to, additional expenses in the following areas: laboratory fees; immunizations and health screenings as required by the program or the clinical site; health insurance; liability insurance; membership in professional organizations; and transportation and other expenses associated with professional meetings, clinical experiences, and internships. Some sites may require students to submit to and pay for background checks, specified compliance training, and/or drug testing.

In order to complete all prerequisites and the courses needed for graduation, students must work closely with their faculty advisor regarding course selection and satisfaction of the Baccalaureate Experience requirements outlined in this catalog.