Catalog 2021-2022

Payment of Accounts

Charges for tuition and fees, residence hall, meal plan and any miscellaneous fees are due on or before the final day of registration. Students receiving outside scholarships, grants or alternative loans must contact their sponsor to ensure that payments are applied to their account by the deadline. Student registrations are considered complete when all charges and fees are fully satisfied through payment or documented financial aid resources. To have the awards applied to a student’s actual account balance, all requested financial aid documents and promissory notes must be submitted to and approved by the Financial Aid Office.

The University of Tampa reserves the right to revise a student’s financial aid award. Revision may result because of a change in the student’s enrollment or housing status, or because of new information, including outside awards. Federal or state awards may change if the expected appropriations are not received. Awards are contingent upon maintenance of satisfactory academic progress. Should a student’s award be revised for any reason resulting in a balance owed to the University, the student must settle this financial obligation with the Bursar’s Office.

Cancellation of a student’s preregistered schedule may occur at the sole discretion of the University if the account is unpaid, if the University’s payment plan installments are incomplete or if financial aid resources cannot be confirmed by the final day of registration. Student tuition payments returned to the University for any reason will constitute nonpayment and may result in the cancellation of a student’s preregistered schedule. Cancellation of a preregistered schedule will require that the student, no later than the end of the third week of the semester, satisfy financial obligations and officially reinstate their course schedule in accordance with add/drop procedures. A student who fails to satisfy financial obligations and officially enroll will not be recognized as a matriculated student.

The University holds the student responsible for auditing the information recorded on accounts and billing statements. If there are omissions, the student must contact the office responsible for the entry. The University also holds the student responsible for account balances. Likewise, the student is responsible for ensuring that scholarships, grants, loans or payments from parents, guardians, trustees or outside sources are applied to accounts as requested. Should there be any outstanding debts owed to the University, services such as issuance of official transcripts and diploma or participation in preregistration will be withheld.