Catalog 2021-2022

EDL 606 Educational Leadership Internship

The Educational Leadership Internship presents an opportunity for students to become immersed in the field of leadership practice and to appreciate the importance of instructional leadership in the creation of a positive and safe learning environment. The internship combines opportunities to study effective leadership firsthand, develop and practice instructional leadership skills and be mentored for a career as a school principal. The entire internship experience requires approximately 480 hours (12-15 hours per week over a full year) of supervised fieldwork in a public school. The combined internships are worth 3 credit hours and are earned 1 credit hour per semester (fall, spring and summer semesters). The internship is accompanied by a hybrid/blended (50% face-to-face, 50% online) seminar which is designed to meet on campus and online asynchronously throughout the internship experience. Permission from the participating school administrator is required.




fall, spring and summer semesters. Dept. approval required. This course is delivered in hybrid mode.