Catalog 2021-2022

EDL 607 School Law/Community Relations

This course will examine case law as it relates to schools, including impact and practice. Educational leaders will study how the legal process deals with controversial issues related to schooling that play a central role in our culture. Students will critically assess the impact and interactions of federal and state constitutions, statutes and regulations on the operation of schools. They will learn about procedural due process considerations and the constitutional rights of personnel and students balanced against the duties of the school. This course will also comprehensively examine the internal and external elements of school and community relations by exploring the knowledge, dispositions, and skills needed by educational leaders in order to understand and respond to diverse community systems, interests and needs. School and community relations include effective collaboration with families and community members, utilizing community resources to benefit students and families, and establishing solid partnerships with key school and community stakeholders.




fall and spring semesters.