Catalog 2021-2022


NAV 2121 Naval Ships Systems I

Types, structures and purpose of naval ships. Hydrodynamic forces, stability compartmentalization, electrical and auxiliary systems. Theory of design and operation of steam turbine, gas turbine and nuclear propulsion plants. Shipboard safety and firefighting.

Credit Hours: 3

NAV 2212C Navigation/Naval Operations I: Navigation

Piloting theory, principles and procedures; tides, currents, weather, use of navigation instruments and equipment, and practicum. Laboratory required.

Credit Hours: 3

NAV 2220 Evolution of Warfare

A survey of military history emphasizing principles of warfare, strategy and tactics, and significant military leaders and organizations.

Credit Hours: 3

NAV 2231 Principles of Naval Management I (Leadership and Management)

Theory and principles of leadership and management, focusing on developing skills in organizational thinking and leadership problem solving for the junior officer.  Includes interpersonal skills, behavior factors and group dynamics.

Credit Hours: 3