Catalog 2021-2022


THR 101 Improvisation for the Theatre

This course provides an introduction to creative dramatics as a means for developing the basic skills required in actor training. Students will become familiar with sound and movement, transformation, exploration of sensory awareness and creativity as it pertains to character development.

Credit Hours: 3
(A) (HFA/ST)

THR 120 Introduction to Theatre

This course provides an introduction to the workings of global, multicultural theatrical production. An examination of the functions of all theatrical production collaborators. A survey of a selection of performance production styles and genres. Students will read significant production texts, view representative media and create low-tech, small-scale production projects in writing, design, directing or performance that activate the concepts and principles of production processes.

Credit Hours: 4
(A) (HFA) (IG) (NW)

THR 175 Ethical Questions and Modern Drama

This course deals with significant modern plays in which the conflict centers on ethical questions across a broad range of University subjects: business, science, politics and relations with and responsibilities to others. Classroom sessions and papers will address the plays first as works of literature, but will go on to discuss and debate the ethical issues involved.

Credit Hours: 4
(A) (HFA)