Catalog 2021-2022

Institutional Aid Programs

Renewal eligibility for institutional aid programs is checked once annually, at the end of each spring semester.

Student eligibility for University merit-based aid follows more stringent eligibility criteria stipulated at the time of the award, including full-time enrollment and the following minimum cumulative GPA requirements: 

  • Presidential Scholarship 3.0 
  • International Grant 3.0
  • Liberian Scholarship 3.0
  • Presidential Leaders 3.0
  • Departmental Scholarships 3.0
  • Gregory Scholarship 3.0
  • Tampa Bay Alumni Scholarship 3.0
  • Alumni Scholarship 3.0
  • Technology Scholarship 3.0 
  • Dean’s Scholarship 2.8
  • Transfer Scholarship 2.8
  • PTK Scholarship 2.8
  • IB Scholarship 2.8
  • Minaret Scholarship 2.5
  • Spartan Scholarship 2.5
  • Achievement Award 2.3

Departmental scholarships also require continuation in the major and/or participation in the department. Refer to your scholarship award letter or the Financial Aid Renewal page for details.

An undergraduate student is eligible to receive UT financial aid for a maximum of nine semesters. Undergraduate students who transfer to UT are eligible to receive UT aid up to the point of normal degree completion. Normal degree completion for most undergraduates is 124 credits.