Catalog 2021-2022

Applied Arts

The applied arts concentration is for students who are interested in a broad application of the arts and want to combine a variety of courses in the arts into a cohesive degree.


Concentration Requirements

To meet the requirements for the applied arts concentration, students must satisfactorily complete a minimum of 43 credit hours from courses in any of the following disciplines:
Art (ART)

Film, Animation and Media (FMX)
Music (MUS)
Theatre (THR)
Dance (DAN)

At least 20 of the concentration credit hours must be in one of he above disciplines.
No more than 20 credit hours may be earned in studio courses.
400-level special problems ART courses are not accepted.
MUS courses designated "for performing arts majors only" are not accepted.
MUS 108 Introduction to Recording and Electronic Music and MUS 109 Recording and Synthesis Techniques are not accepted.
THR courses designated "for THR majors only" are not accepted.