Catalog 2021-2022

Department of Military Science and Leadership (Army ROTC)

Faculty: Professor of Military Science LTC Brett Boston; Senior Military Instructor MSG Roberto Ayala; Assistant Professor of Military Science MAJ Orlando Torres; Recruiting Officer Ms. Paige McCormick; Human Resources Mr. Jose Ramirez; Logistics Ms. Angie Suarez.

The Department of Military Science and Leadership offers a progressive program that will enhance student education regardless of academic endeavor. The program is designed to improve the leadership abilities of students, develop managerial skills, inform students concerning the roles, missions and capabilities of the Army, and train qualified ROTC students to become commissioned officers in the U.S. Army, National Guard and Reserve. Veterans, National Guardsmen, Reservists and former JROTC students may receive advanced placement by request. Enrollment in ROTC is limited to U.S. citizens.

Basic Course

The purpose of the Army ROTC Basic Course is to introduce students to Army ROTC, to give them general information about the Army and to introduce them to basic skills that have both military and civilian application. Courses and practical exercises in land navigation, orienteering and leadership round out the student’s academic life, provide a challenge, develop confidence and allow for out-of-classroom learning. With this initial exposure, students have experience upon which to base their decisions to continue into the Advanced Course and into the Army as commissioned officers. There is no military obligation in connection with the Basic Course.

Basic Camp

Army ROTC Basic Camp, conducted during the summer session, is a challenging four-week course designed to evaluate students’ ability to handle themselves and others in new and demanding situations. Throughout the program, the student is provided with the fundamentals of soldiering and leadership, which include physical training, marksmanship, tactical operations, map reading and orienteering. Students are provided transportation to and from camp, room and board, as well as approximately $700 in pay and allowances. Attendance at Basic Camp does not obligate the student to military service; it does, however, qualify the student for the Army ROTC Advanced Course when taken in lieu of the Basic Course requirements. Provided eligibility criteria are met, students may be selected for two-year scholarships upon graduation from Basic Camp.

Advanced Course

Upon completion of the Basic Course or Basic Camp, ROTC students entering the Advanced Course continue to develop their ability in evaluating situations, making decisions and practicing traits considered essential in leaders. The ability to motivate subordinates, to win their confidence and to supervise them effectively has been attributed by many civilian and military leaders to training received through ROTC in college. The ROTC program uses and extends the intellect, education, and special abilities of college students. Its primary purpose is to produce leaders of character for the Total Army.

Advanced Course students earn $420 a month (upon contracting) beginning the first month of their junior year and continuing until they complete the Advanced Course. All Advanced Course students must attend the Cadet Leader Course (CLC), a five-week leadership internship between the junior and senior years.


These competitive scholarships are awarded solely on potential rather than financial need, and they cover the costs of tuition, fees and a flat-rate book allowance (of $600 per semester) plus a monthly subsistence allowance of $420. This allowance is tax free. Four-, three- and two-year scholarships are available to eligible students, both enrolled and not enrolled in the ROTC program. Two-year undergraduate or graduate school scholarships may be awarded to students who successfully complete the Basic Camp.

Contact the Army ROTC Department at (813) 258-7200 for additional information. Active Duty enlisted personnel are encouraged to contact this office or their education office at their military installation for information regarding enlisted commissioning programs.