Catalog 2022-2023


Faculty: Associate Professor Steiner, Chair; Associate Professor Brownlee, Associate Chair; Dana Professor Galperin; Professors Koutroumanis, Thomason, Tompson, White; Associate Professors Bear, Dixon, Harris, Hertz, Liou, Pittz, Xie; Assistant Professors Alexiou, Faifman, Ro, Salaiz, Tunarosa; Assistant Teaching Professors Ciarleglio, Hardin, Nykaza, Rodriguez, Weaver; Associate Teaching Professor Welch; Lecturers I  Bassford, Nelson, Smith.

Management is more than planning, organizing and controlling resources; it is directing human effort in all facets of business, industry and government. Graduates in this program have the flexibility to develop the knowledge, skills, and abilities required to lead and manage global businesses ethically, with attention to customer value, returns to stockholders and employee development. Students engage in consulting projects with local organizations. These engagements hone students' critical thinking and communication skills while illustrating the consequences of management decisions.