Catalog 2021-2022

Academic Support Services

Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center (ASC) at The University of Tampa is a one-stop shop that provides support services designed to equip students with the tools they need to succeed academically. The mission of the center is to provide academic and exploration support and assist and empower students to take responsibility for their holistic development and academic success. The main focus of the center is to prepare students to become self-supporting, life-long learners. Located in North Walker Hall, the center houses the following academic support services:

  • Academic Advising – In collaboration with UT faculty within the academic colleges who serve as students’ primary academic advisors after their freshman year, professional academic advisors within the ASC provide academic guidance by assisting new students with registration and understanding degree requirements, providing continuing students with accurate information on academic policies and procedures, assisting with curriculum and program planning, disseminating information and procedures related to academic petitions and appeals and referring students to appropriate resources both within the Academic Success Center and across campus.
  • Academic Appeals – A process available to students requesting exceptions to particular academic policies as outlined in the undergraduate catalog.
  • Academic Coaching – A voluntary program that pairs undergraduate students with trained peer coaches for the development of strategies that lead to academic success.
  • Academic Exploration – A process that guides students through the self-exploration process to discover academic interests and passions, explore academic majors and identify strengths.
  • Academic Skill (ASK) Courses – Courses designed for students who understand that they will need new and different study skills to be successful in the college environment.
  • Academic Tutoring – Group and individual tutoring is available in a variety of courses. Peer tutors are available to meet with students throughout the semester both through drop-in and appointment sessions.
  • Early Alert Program – A proactive system of communication and collaboration between faculty, staff and students to identify and address academic issues in a timely manner.
  • Success Scholars Program – Provides programmatic, financial, and peer support to first generation and/or minority students to assist with their transition into the university and their persistence to graduation.
  • New Student Registration – This is a comprehensive process which entails pre-registering  students in a base schedule of classes prior to arrival on campus based on their choice of major, academic eligibility, subject preferences and seat availability. Students are provided the opportunity to adjust their schedules at a designated time once base schedules are complete through the end of the drop/add period.
  • SOAR (Students Overcoming Academic Roadblocks) - Designed to help students to overcome academic challenges in the pursuit of their goals. This program implements SOARING SPARTANS, which assists students to connect and engage with campus resources that promote academic success.
  • Strengths-Based Education Program – Designed to increase students’ self-awareness, confidence and psychological well-being by utilizing students’ talents for success.
  • Student Disability Services – Provides students with documented disabilities the necessary accommodations that equalize students’ access to the educational experience.
  • Testing Services – Provides test proctoring services to students with documented disabilities, make-up exams, as well as on-site options for CLEP, and distance exams.
  • Transfer Student Services –New Transfer students have the option to register on their own so long as they have submitted an enrollment deposit and are loaded into the registration system. Students who wish to register themselves with the continuing students must complete a set of online modules before registering to familiarize themselves with university policies, the Baccalaureate Experience, major requirements, and using the student registration system. Transfer students who do not enroll with the continuing class or who are admitted after the registration period will be registered in a base schedule by the Transfer Coordinator and/or an Academic Advisor. This schedule is created based on their transfer work, academic eligibility, subject preferences, and seat availability. Students are offered opportunities to set up individual advising appointments with Transfer Coordinator prior to and after arriving on campus. 

For more information about the center and all the services provided, visit, email or stop by the center in North Walker Hall.

Saunders Writing Center

The Saunders Writing Center, located in Plant Hall 323, offers free tutorial assistance to all UT students who are working on any type of writing project. Students receive individual support and instruction during the drafting process as they work to improve their ability to draft, revise and edit. Whether in person, or online, the Center is an ideal place for students to share their writing and to receive feedback, individualized assistance and encouragement.

The highly qualified staff of peer tutors is trained by the center director, who has expertise in composition and peer tutoring. Help is available in person on a walk-in basis or by appointment. In addition, students have the option to receive tutoring online via Zoom. For more specific information, please visit the Saunders Writing Center website.

Center for Public Speaking

The Center for Public Speaking helps improve students' oral and nonverbal communication skills. The Center provides free coaching and assistance to individuals and small group sessions both in-person and online for students seeking to enhance the quality of their presentations.

The Center's tutors and experienced professionals specialize in PowerPoint, elevator pitches and impromptu speaking, motivational appeals, and persuasive speaking. The staff helps with outlining, audience analysis, visual aids, in-speech citations, deliberate transitions, word choice and phrasing, vocal delivery, techniques for online presentations, and intentional body movement. The staff is also trained in helping students manage speaking apprehension.

Students are encouraged to visit during any stage of their preparation ranging from brainstorming to final rehearsal. The Center also specializes in outside-the-classroom engagements such as scholarly conferences, job interviews, and (in)formal exchange.

Students may walk-in without an appointment, though scheduling an appointment is encouraged. To schedule a virtual session using Zoom or an in-person session, visit the Center's Instagram @UTampaSpeech and click the link in biography or email the director at