Academic Appeals Policy

The following policy applies to student appeals for exception to University academic policy, waiver of academic requirements or dispute over student grades.  Note: The conditions under which a grade dispute may enter the appeals process are described in the "Grading" section.

  1. Requests for exceptions to the academic policies and procedures described in this chapter begin as Academic Petitions which are submitted to the attention of the Director of Academic Advising, Academic Success Center, North Walker Hall, and are decided by the Associate Provost. If a petition is not answered in a way that satisfies the student, he or she may advance an appeal to the Academic Appeals Committee. The Associate Provost reserves the right to refer petitions to the Academic Appeals Committee for disposition as academic appeals.
  2. Student appeals on academic issues, up to and including academic dismissal, must be filed using the Academic Petition available in SpartanWeb under the Academics/Forms and Information tab.  It is the student’s responsibility to provide all necessary supporting documentation with the petition when submitted for review. The Associate Provost and/or Academic Appeals Committee will take into account information from the instructor, as well as information from any other source deemed appropriate for consideration of the petition. 
  3. The student may request that the case be reconsidered by the Academic Appeals Committee only in the event that new information is available after the committee has rendered its decision. 
  4. The decision of the Academic Appeals Committee is considered final. If the student believes that due process was not followed, he or she may request review by the Executive Committee of the Faculty Senate, which will render a decision as to whether the Academic Appeals Committee afforded due process to the student in its consideration of the appeal.