Molecular Biology Concentration (B.A. or B.S.)


Molecular biology, along with the laboratory tools it employs, is a sub-discipline within biology that has become an important component of our economy. Students interested in pursuing advanced degrees in this field or careers in laboratory or research environments involving molecular biology are encouraged to pursue this concentration.


Students must complete a minimum of six additional biology courses for the B.S. and eight additional courses for the B.A. (not including BIO 440, BIO 445, BIO 450, BIO 490 or BIO 495) to be determined in consultation with advisers. Students are required to complete a minimum of four courses from Category I and one course each from Category II and III. Students who pursue the B.A. should enroll in BIO 320, CHE 232 and CHE 233 as part of their degree. Any BIO courses above 204 or MAR courses above 200 may be used to fulfill the remaining elective requirements.


Four Year Degree Plan for B.A. in Biology

Four Year Degree Plan for B.S. in Biology 



Total Concentration Credit Hours: 23-32