Catalog 2021-2022

Languages and Linguistics

A variety of language and linguistics courses are available to the University and community at large to provide language training for specific purposes, such as language for travel or language for special purposes (legal, medical, business). Coursework in other languages such as Chinese, Japanese, German, Arabic, Portuguese and American Sign Language is also offered.


University of Tampa - Paris Summer Program

Over the summer, students participate in a three-week faculty led travel course to Paris studying the history of France by examining the architectural development of the City of Lights throughout the centuries. The city, its monuments and lesser-known landmarks are discussed in class in chronological fashion and then visited in Pars, with an emphasis placed on how Parisians interact daily with their history and how frames their mindset in the process. the course enables students to experience these interactions and therefore, better comprehend Paris and the French way of life.

UT in Paris is open to students who have completed elementary level coursework or are able to demonstrate equivalent skill. The program includes lodging in Paris, airfare, metro fares, excursions in Paris, and day-trips to Versailles and medieval city of Rouen in Normandy.

University of Tampa - Italy Summer Program

Over the summer, students participate in a two-week faculty-led travel course to Italy studying the bel paese's history, culture, and art and emphasizing the political, religious, and artistic currents that contributed to Italy's particular place of importance in the Renaissance. Historic landmarks, monuments, and works of art, as well as influential thinkers, leaders, and artists are examined in class and once they are in Italy, students are then better able to understand and appreciate how these people and places have contributed to shaping Italy and Italians. Development of intercultural competence through this course will also allow students to both gain a deeper understanding of and appreciation for Italians' way of life as well as better navigate daily interactions in Italy.
UT in Italy is open to all UT students, regardless of Major. The program includes lodging in Italy, return airfare, in-country transportation, meals, and excursions in Italy.