Catalog 2021-2022

Admission Requirements

Auditions (Instrumentalists and Vocalists)

A successful music audition on a primary applied instrument or voice is required for admission to the Bachelor of Music in Music Education, Bachelor of Music in Performance, Bachelor of Arts in Music (Instrumentalist or Vocalist Tracks only), the Bachelor of Fine Arts in Musical Theatre, and the minor in music. Audition requirements and an audition application are available at For assistance and additional information contact

Admission (Technologists)

Students who are pursuing the Technologist track of the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree are not required to audition, and are considered admitted for the Technologist track of the Bachelor of Arts in Music degree upon acceptance to the University.

Transfer Students

Transfer students who plan to audition for the Bachelor of Music in Music Education or the Bachelor of Music in Performance degree programs, and who have completed four semesters of applied lessons in their primary performance area, should demonstrate performance competency equivalent to the requirements of the Upper Division Performance Evaluation. Transfer students can obtain a list of these requirements in advance of their audition by contacting

Music Education (Additional Requirements for Admittance)

Admitted Bachelor of Music in Music Education students are required to:

  • Take the Florida General Knowledge Test in the summer prior to entering UT. (The University of Tampa must be designated as a score recipient with the testing agency.)
  • Attain Level II clearance (background check and fingerprinting) through Hillsborough County Schools during the first six weeks of the entering semester. Paperwork and guidance through this process will be provided to students at the beginning of each semester.
  • Enroll in and pass MUS 205 Intro to Music Education, Human Development and Diversity during their first fall semester.