Catalog 2021-2022

Natural Sciences and Mathematics Requirements for B.S. in Psychology

The following courses are, in addition to the psychology courses, required for the B.S. and can be used to satisfy appropriate requirements in the General Curriculum Distribution or in other majors/minors. Grades in these courses count toward the GPA in the psychology major.

  1. Successful completion of the biology lower-core curriculum: BIO 198, BIO 198L, BIO 199, BIO 199L, CHE 152, CHE 153L, CHE 154, CHE 155L and MAT 170 or MAT 260.
  2. Successful completion of one additional course from biology or genetics (including laboratory portion): BIO 200, BIO 201, BIO 212, BIO 225, BIO 250, BIO 310, BIO 330, BIO 350; may take BIO 380 if PSY 311 has not been taken.