Catalog 2021-2022

AFR 2940 Basic Aerospace Internship

Internship credit is given to any student who successfully completes a two-week Field Training (FT) encampment. FT is a mandatory program for all individuals seeking an Air Force officer commission through AFROTC. The program is designed to develop military leadership and discipline, provide Air Force orientation and motivation, and determine potential for entry into the Professional Officer Course en route to a career as an Air Force officer. FT is conducted at Maxwell AFB, Montgomery, AL. FT attendance is selective based upon a national competitive boarding process and the needs of the Air Force — not all students are selected for FT. To successfully complete FT, the student must complete at least 70 percent of the required training according to the Field Training syllabus, and not be absent from the FT encampment for more than 72 consecutive hours. The student also must pass the physical fitness test, attain a minimum 70 percent academic average and not be rated as "unsatisfactory" in any single performance factor block (sub-area) or receive an overall score of "unsatisfactory" on the AFROTC Form 70, Field Training Performance Report.