Catalog 2021-2022


ASK 205 Advanced Academic Skills

ASK 205 covers personal and academic skill sets taught at a higher level of rigor and intensity than ASK 100.  The objective for the course is to have students recognize the importance of their role in their own college success while providing them with appropriate tools to achieve success. A holistic approach to success puts the emphasis on the student, not the skill. Students will learn to accept personal responsibility, discover self-motivation and self-awareness, set realistic and obtainable goals, become a critical thinker, cultivate emotional intelligence and become a life-long learner.

Credit Hours: 2


Permission of the instructor.


ASK 205 is linked with ASK 205L (summer I) and ASK 215L (each fall), which provides the student with specific counseling and one-on-one and/or group support meetings weekly.

ASK 205L Advanced Academic Skills Lab

Is linked to ASK 205, as a complimentary laboratory course that provides the student with specific counseling in one-on-one and/or group support meetings, along with assigned exercises, in order to further support the student in their goals.  The lab portion meets once a week for the duration of the semester.

Credit Hours: 1

ASK 215L Advanced Academic Skills Lab II

Compliments and serves as a follow-up to ASK 205/205L. The objective of ASK 215L is to assist the student in successfully transitioning to a "normal" academic environment through application of the skills learned in ASK 205/205L. The course closely parallels coaching now being done by Academic Excellence Programs through the Coaching for Student Success program (CSS). STEP UP students who have successfully completed the summer courses and register for fall classes will be registered in ASK 215L to facilitate working with a coach. The student’s coach, in consultation with the student, will develop a plan of action for the semester.

Credit Hours: 1