Catalog 2021-2022

BUS - Business

BUS 101 Introduction to Global Business

This course emphasizes global competitiveness by introducing students to the way companies operate and how they compete with other companies. In addition, students learn about the importance of leadership, ethical behavior and corporate responsibility in becoming successful and sustaining that success. The course examines each of the functional areas in businesses and how they work together to produce the goods and provide the services that customers demand.

Credit Hours: 4


Pre-requisite or co-requisite of AWR 101 or equivalent. Co-requisite BAC 100. Available to declared COB majors, business minors, marketing minors, biology-business majors, liberal studies majors, AD/PR majors or by permission of COB associate dean during the fall and spring semesters. Open to all during the summer.


AWR 101 and BAC 100.

BUS 101L Introduction to Global Business - Common

Credit Hours: 0

BUS 221 Business Law and Social Responsibility

Study of the legal, moral and ethical structures in business. Topics include contracts, legal framework, constitutional law, business crimes, business torts, business entities and enterprise responsibilities to society.

Credit Hours: 4


BUS 101.

BUS 550 Commercial Law for Financial Professionals

Study of legal issues involving accounting and financial professionals. Topics addressed include uniform commercial code sales, secured transactions, negotiable instruments and banking, along with creditor's rights, agency, enterprise organizations, securities, professional licensing/regulation and the legal liability of accountants.

Credit Hours: 4


BUS 221

BUS 689 International Residency

This course is designed to give students an opportunity to develop personal familiarity with the global business environment. By combining academic lectures in various functional areas of business and visits with local companies and governmental representatives, students are able to gain in-depth understanding of the local business environment and how it is influenced by economic, legal/political, and sociocultural factors.
Credit Hours: 4

BUS 697 Career and Leadership Development

This course sets the stage for students' professional and career development throughout their years at UT and beyond through a highly intensive, personal approach that entails not only classroom sessions but one-on-one coaching and mentoring. Students will focus specifically on the creation of a strategic career management plan and development of leadership knowledge and skills.

Credit Hours: 2


MGT 598

BUS 698 Professional Development Practicum

For graduate students only. BUS 698 allows students to design a set of educational experiences to best meet the students learning needs and career aspirations. In order to fulfill the course requirements, each student selects from a well-defined list of activities covering a spectrum of business experiences including leadership certification, research projects, service learning projects, career development seminars, SAP certification workshops, travel study courses and internships.

Credit Hours: 2-4