Catalog 2021-2022

EDU 318 Teaching Reading Through Diagnostic Assessment and Instruction (ESOL-infused course)

This course is designed to provide elementary education teacher candidates with the knowledge, skills and dispositions necessary for diagnosis and correction of mild to moderate reading difficulties with an emphasis on reading instruction guided by assessment. The physical, physiological, cognitive, language, emotional and socio-cultural correlates of reading disabilities are examined to help candidates understand the nature and causes of reading problems in grades K-6. Candidates will gain facility in the selection and use of formal and informal instruments for the early detection and correction of reading difficulties. The diagnostic-prescriptive model will be applied to help candidates acquire expertise in the analysis of children's reading diagnostic data and the implementation of developmentally appropriate instructional methods that address the needs of diverse student populations. Candidates will become proficient in planning and implementing reading instruction as specified in the Florida Reading Endorsement Competencies. Thus they will acquire knowledge of how to implement scientifically based reading research instructional practices in phonemic awareness, phonics, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension to ensure positive impact on student learning in the elementary classroom. Field hours required (Practicum II).




fall and spring semesters.