Catalog 2021-2022

EDU 612 Pedagogy and Innovation in Education: Models in Teaching

Technology and innovation are key resources for education and school reform initiatives. They not only provide an avenue to access 21st-century learning and teaching practices, but also define and shape the way schools operate. Managed properly, technological innovations are a primary source of competitive advantage for school systems; they also enhance the educational well-being of a nation and anchor its global know-how. The challenge of how best to manage technology and innovation has expanded beyond its traditional home in departments like instructional technology or media centers, to the point where it now permeates nearly every aspect of teaching and learning in modern schools. Schools are increasingly turning to technological innovations to enable new forums of engaging with knowledge; to change the way we think of teacher-learner roles; to improve quality and school/home/community communication patterns; and to create and retain student motivation. In addition, teachers now face an accelerating pace of innovation in the technologies supporting and changing the processes involved in school management, assessment and instruction. This course will explore the strategic role of technology and innovation in the survival and success of schools and schooling. The course will have a strong emphasis on state-of-the-art technologies in the selection of case examples.