Catalog 2021-2022

EDU 624 Public School Law and Professional Ethics

This course examines the numerous school law and legal issues that affect the public school system. Educators will become knowledgeable about the various social and political issues that are manifested in school systems. It will provide educators with a general understanding of how various legal issues have been decided. Specific legal principles relating to church/state issues, tort liability, teachers’ responsibilities, students’ rights, and administrative concerns such as contracts and collective bargaining will be covered. Students will be required to apply these legal principles to analyze actual case scenarios. Topics included: (1) Students: Rights and responsibilities; discipline; First Amendment issues; special education issues; general education issues. (2) School personnel/employees: Discipline; hiring, termination, discharge; certified, non-certified and administrators; union issues. (3) Board of education/administration: School finances; board elections; role of the board; role of the administration; procurement issues; bond issues; construction issues. (4) State Department of Education: Role of FLDOE. The course will review federal and state law decisions which effect the daily operations of the Florida public schools.