Catalog 2021-2022


MGT 500 Foundations of Management

This course covers theories and practices for successfully managing organizations and people. You will be introduced to a variety of concepts, assessments, tools and techniques that are important for understanding the changing business environment; elements of decision-making and strategic planning; methods of organizing including recruiting, selecting, training and developing; and procedures for controlling resources to improve productivity and results.
Credit Hours: 2

MGT 598 Leadership and Organizational Behavior

For graduate students only. This course engages students to understand how people behave in organizations wilh an emphasis on building a leader's perspective. Students explore models related to organizational behavior, including motivation, communication, culture, and team building.  Students will also examine leadership concepts, including trust, power, diversity, ethics and their own personal leadership style and potential. Through experiential learning, readings and analyses, students develop an understanding ol these concepts and how to utilize  this body of knowledge to inspire others to achieve organizational goals. This class begins with an intensive weekend workshop involving a comprehensive business simulation.
Credit Hours: 4