Catalog 2021-2022


SPE 400 Public Messages and Technology

This course is designed for students interested in the management of speech communication in the context of technology. Students will study the theory and practice of formulating "public" messages for the technology channel of the communication model, and specific attention will be paid to the analysis of the receivers. The formation and critical thought behind the message, the difference between classical message, popular trends, credibility, ethos, pathos, and logos in the traditional speech-making event, and the general outcome of all communication model elements as well as the integration of technology into the public speech event will be studied. 

Credit Hours: 4


SPE 200, SPE 208 (or equivalent), or consent of instructor.

SPE 425 Persuasion, Argumentation, and Conflict Resolution

This course will train students to critically evaluate argument by studying types of argumentation, debate, proof, refutation; and learn the essential skills to prepare, organize and assess persuasive statements. In addition to theory and practical strategy, students will engage in various forms of conflict resolution, as well as mock debates, negotiations, and mediation practices. Students will also gain advanced public speaking skills and learn to critically evaluate arguments in real time.
Credit Hours: 4


AWR 101 and AWR 201 (or equivalent), or consent of instructor.

SPE 492 Independent Study

An independent study that provides fourth-year students with an opportunity to pursue a topic or project under the guidance of a communication and speech studies faculty member. By permission of instructor and department director.

Credit Hours: 1-4