Catalog 2021-2022

SPM 399A Global Sport Management - Travel Abroad

Sport serves as a global language bridging many cultural, social, and political barriers. As an industry, sport accounts for about 5% of the worldwide economy. This is a travel course that will provide students an experiential learning experience in the global marketplace. Interested students enroll in the on-campus portion of this course during the semester prior to this offering (SPM 399). While abroad, the class tours sports venues, attend matches, speaks to and interacts with sport professionals in the global marketplace, volunteers and visits historical sites. The travel component may last 10-14 days. This course examines strategic, operational, cultural and technological factors to prepare future business leaders for success in the competitive sport marketplace. The course, along with completion of SPM 399 can be substituted for SPM 375 History of Modern Olympics or SPM 374 International Sport Management.




SPM 290


Periodically in the May semester