Catalog 2021-2022

International Business

Faculty: Associate Professor Borja (Economics) International Business Program Coordinator; Dana Professors Rustogi (Marketing), Galperin (Management and Entrepreneurship); Professors Margetis (Finance), Veltri (Information and Technology Management); Associate Professors Bear (International Programs), Jayakumar (Economics), Pennington (Marketing), Xie (Management and Entrepreneurship); Assistant Professor Liou (Management and Entrepreneurship).

Students may choose to major in one of seven international business majors offered in the Sykes College of Business: international business and accounting, international business and economics, international business and entrepreneurship, international business and finance, international business and management, international business and marketing, and international business and management information systems. These majors provide in-depth coverage in a specific business discipline coupled with an interdisciplinary global perspective, including language proficiency, cultural awareness and an education abroad experience. The curriculum in these majors is designed to meet the needs of businesses that require a global perspective and discipline-specific expertise from prospective employees.

Graduates pursue careers in large multinational firms and small independent companies with international activities, as well as government agencies involved in international trade. Banking opportunities include corporate lending and international investment work.