Faculty Policies and Procedures Handbook

XIII. Policy on Employee Weapons

No University of Tampa employee, vendor or visitor shall carry, possess or store a weapon or firearm while on property owned or controlled by the University.

A. Exemptions

  • Chemical agents are permitted, but may only be used as a defensive weapon.
  • Certified law enforcement officers may wear a service firearm in accordance with their department policy and federal, state and local laws.
  • UT Campus Safety and Security officers may carry firearms.
  • Reserve Officer Training Corps or University‐recognized ROTC drill team members, may possess firearms or weapons when training or performing official duties to the extent they are legally permitted to do so.
  • Campus Safety and Security officials have the discretion to grant written permission regarding the possession, use or display of firearms or weapons for special circumstances or educational purposes. Questions and requests must be satisfactorily addressed before bringing such items to campus.

Exemption Requests

Anyone seeking a firearms or weapons policy exemption must submit a written request to the Campus Safety and Security officials and their University supervisor at least two weeks prior to needing the exemption. The written request must contain the following:

  1. Requesting a person’s name and contact information;
  2. Specific reason for requesting the exemption;
  3. Detailed firearm or weapon description;
  4. Firearm or weapon location while on campus;
  5. Time frame of exemption request; and
  6. Safety measures to be taken

Once a decision is rendered, written notification will be issued to the requesting party(ies). When exemptions are granted, under no circumstances may a weapon or firearm contain ammunition while on University property.

B. Reporting Violations

Potential or suspected weapons policy violations should be reported immediately to Campus Safety and Security officials. Nonemergency reports may be submitted via the silent witness program at www.ut.edu/silentwitness or silentwitness@ut.edu.

C. Individuals Violating the Weapons Policy

Individuals violating the weapons policy or making a false report of any kind with the intent to deceive, mislead or otherwise misinform, may result in University disciplinary action and/or criminal prosecution.

D. Enforcement

University officials will seize any unauthorized firearms or weapons. Seized items may be secured in the Campus Safety and Security office or turned over to the appropriate law enforcement agency. If the owner is legally permitted to possess the firearm or weapon, and it is returned, it must be immediately taken off campus.

E. Definitions/Clarifications


Any pistol, rifle, antique firearm, starter pistol, BB gun, simulated firearm, toy gun, or any item that is designed in appearance to resemble a firearm. Concealed Carry Weapons Permit (CCW) holders are not exempt.


Knives used to invoke fear or intimidation, brass knuckles, swords, slingshots or any item than may cause bodily injury or harm.

Electrical Weapons:

Any non‐lethal device that is designed to deliver an electrical current whether by impact and/or by the firing of a dart or projectile that, upon contact, will deliver a specified electrical current to its target.


Any item or material that enables a weapon to be operational and capable of propelling a projectile.

Chemical Weapons:

Any device that has the ability to disperse a chemical agent, either through aerosol or foam spray, is permitted as long as it complies with Florida Law (790.001 (b) FSS) in its size, chemical solution and delivery mechanism.

Fireworks or Other Explosives:

Any material that will render an explosion.

Firearms and Weapons Possession:

The University considers employees in possession of firearms or weapons if such items are in a vehicle, office, lab, classroom, space, or common space.