Catalog 2023-2024

Course Load/Credit-Hour Overload

An undergraduate student taking at least 12 credit hours of undergraduate work during fall, spring or summer will be considered a full-time student. The average load for undergraduates during fall or spring semester is 15 to 18 hours. For graduate students, full-time may vary by program of study. Most graduate programs require a minimum of 8 credits in Fall, Spring or Summer to be considered full-time. For the Nonprofit Management Certificate, 3 credits is full-time.  Doctor of Nursing Practice requires 5 credits to be full-time.

To be eligible for a course overload (more than 18 credit hours in the fall or spring semester or 9 hours in an individual summer session), an undergraduate student must have a “BC” average (2.5) cumulative GPA and be enrolled full time at the time of the overload request. Overloads will not be allowed for students on Academic Probation (cumulative GPA below 2.0). Be aware that there are minimum GPA requirements in both the major and cumulative GPA for graduation.

Credit hours taken over 18 during a regular semester will be assessed a charge at the per-credit rate. Summer session credits are charged at a per credit rate. The maximum overload is 22 credit hours in the fall or spring semester or 12 credit hours in an individual summer sessions (excluding MayTerm). Overloads will not be allowed during winter/summer intersession or MayTerm. Exceptions will be made only for institutional pre-approved study abroad trips requiring travel during the winter/summer intersession or MayTerm.

Undergraduate education majors in the Final Student Practicum are limited to 18 credit hours.