Catalog 2023-2024

Electing Courses on an Audit (No Credit) Basis

To audit an undergraduate class, a student registers by submitting an application form and application fee. No records of previous academic work need to be submitted. Auditors may register after students taking the course for credit have been accommodated. Auditing requires both availability of space and permission of the instructor of the class. Graduate classes may be audited only with prior approval from the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies, and academic records are required prior to registration. Auditing students are subject to any classroom rules or policies of the instructor, including absence rules.

See Auditor Student Tuition in the Costs and Financial Information chapter of this catalog.

Auditors may attend all classes of the course for which they are registered, but they normally do not actively participate in the class, and their written work is not corrected or graded.

Auditors receive the grade of “AU” (“Audit”) for the course or courses that they have attended as auditors, and may request a transcript from the Registrar’s Office. The grade of “AU” may not be converted to a credit grade after the course is completed.

While the course is in progress, auditors who decide to change their registration to full credit must make arrangements at the Registrar’s Office during the drop/add period and pay the full tuition charge(s) for the course(s).