Catalog 2023-2024

Final Examinations

Final Examinations

The last four days of the Fall and Spring semesters shall be set aside for final examinations. A period of two hours shall be allotted for each final examination. If a student has multiple exams scheduled at the same time or has three or more examinations scheduled on the same day, the student may request the instructor in accordance with the parameters below to reschedule one of the student's examinations. The request must be submitted to the instructor a minimum of 2 weeks before the final examination in writing including documentation of the conflict.

The priority of examinations shall be determined in the following manner:

  1. Examinations for graduate-level courses have priority over examinations for undergraduate-level courses. 
  2. Within the level of the courses, undergraduate or graduate, examinations for numerically higher numbered courses have priority over lower numbered courses. Example: A course numbered 670 has priority over a course numbered 500, and a course numbered 410 has priority over a course numbered 244. 
  3. If the course numbers are tied, then a course within a student’s major has priority over a course outside of their major.
  4. If after applying items 1, 2, and 3, there remains a conflict, priority shall be given to the course with the prefix closest to the beginning of the alphabet. Example: COM 325 would have priority over SOC 325.

The final examination schedule shall be published by the Registrar.

The instructor of the course with lower priority shall provide an alternative final exam time during the final exam period that adheres to the final exam policy.