In accordance with the guidelines recommended by the American Bar Association (ABA) (, the University has not established a specialized "pre-law" major, but rather, encourages prospective law students to undertake a rigorous course of study. The ABA identifies the following abilities as useful:
  • Analytical/problem-solving
  • Critical reading abilities
  • Oral communication and listening abilities
  • Research skills
  • Organization and management skills
  • Values of serving others and promoting justice

Jackie Mikulski is the designated pre-law advisor, and she is familiar with law school admissions requirements, application procedures and curricula.

The University sponsors pre-law forums with attorneys as guest speakers, internships in law and judicial offices, campus visits by law school representatives and students' visits to law schools to assist undergraduates in planning. There are also two active, law-related student organizations on campus: the Pre-Law Club and the Phi Alpha Delta law fraternity.

To earn a minor in Law, Justice and Advocacy, students should complete 20 credits in the LJA course of study.