Catalog 2023-2024

College of Natural and Health Sciences

The College of Natural and Health Sciences is comprised of the departments of nursing; health sciences and human performance; environmental studies; sport management; biology; chemistry and biochemistry; and physics and astronomy. The majors and minors offered by these departments provide students with the opportunity to pursue their education as preparation to gain admission to graduate programs, professional schools, to become board certified nurses and enter the workforce in a diverse array of professions.

All departments in the college emphasize experiential learning opportunities through our clinical settings, laboratories and field trips that are taken as part of many of our courses, as well as a rich array of internships and service-learning opportunities. Students are encouraged to become involved and to be responsible in the pursuit of their studies and in their learning. The college embraces and emphasizes one of the University's core principles, which is “learning by doing, doing to learn.”

Faculty members in the college are active scholars who pursue basic and/or applied research that provides opportunities for students to become involved in scholarly work as part of their undergraduate education.

There are organizations in all departments to help students connect with fellow students, learn about professional opportunities, develop leadership skills and attend guest lectures. Participation in student organizations can be submitted to the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement for inclusion in the co-curricular transcript. Interested students should ask their instructors or department chairs about these organizations.

Students pursuing a degree in pre-allied health, public health or athletic training are advised by faculty in the Department of Health Sciences and Human Performance. This preparation can lead to employment in a professional program or admission to graduate programs in athletic training, public health, occupational therapy, physician assistant studies and physical therapy. Those students pursuing a career in adult fitness should consult with the faculty in the department early in their academic careers. Preparation in these areas can lead to employment in professional fitness and performance centers or admission to graduate programs in human performance.

Students who intend to continue postgraduate studies for a professional degree in medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry or pharmacy can major in biology, biochemistry or chemistry at The University of Tampa and receive excellent preparation for the entrance exams for these programs. These professional fields value breadth and depth in coursework that extends beyond the sciences, as well as a demonstration of service to the community while pursuing undergraduate studies. UT’s Spartan Studies Program provides students with the opportunity to pursue other coursework that can include a variety of disciplines such as psychology, sociology, languages, arts and literature. Members of the departments of chemistry and biochemistry, physics and astronomy, and biology offer guidance to students and write recommendations through our Pre-Health Professional Committee comprising biology and chemistry faculty.

Any of the faculty members in the sciences can serve as academic advisors to students interested in pursuing graduate training in the health professions. Students should contact a member of the Pre-Health Professional Committee no later than the start of their junior year.

Students are encouraged to choose a major that best suits them so they can excel at their studies and gain admission to professional schools. Students interested in pursuing a postgraduate professional degree in one of the aforementioned fields, while pursuing a degree outside the College of Natural and Health Sciences, are encouraged to contact the Pre-Health Professional Committee for guidance.